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I'll see that Philippe gets the message.


Joachim raked up the leaves in the garden.

Nobody else has one of those.

Hi Dominick, and welcome to Tatoeba!

I think I'm fat.

Why don't you look for her?

I know exactly who you're talking about.

Good God!


Some believe that seven is a lucky number.

Thanks for the flowers.

He's the real racist for saying that.

You will remain here until you are summoned.

I haven't eaten for two days.

Please don't ask them.

It could've been worse. You could've died.

Those are my grandmother's dentures.

Tovah is incredibly bad at drawing.

We don't want to humiliate Ralf.

I wasn't even conscious of it.

Marcia died when we were young.

You were quite rude. That wasn't called for.

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Are you going to tell Lucius about what you did?

Troy has a kid.

How did they find out?

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She is accustomed to rising early.

We have other things to discuss.

I'd rather not tell you.


The trouble is that I have no money with me.

Does Barrio own any other property?

You must be deliberate in selecting a partner.

You must get up a little earlier.

I like it this way.

I'm going to give you one more chance.

I can't help him to find what he's looking for.


Stop laughing!


Don't forget the receipt.

I could tell from his accent that he was a Frenchman.

Pelicans have large beaks.

When he was a child, he lived in a small town.

Look at the contract carefully.

The young King was married to his real bride, and both reigned over the kingdom in peace and happiness.

Many children don't like vegetables, but my little brother loves them.

OK, where were we?

Clothes make the man.

You can speak English well, can't you?

My grandfather is very healthy.

The dance had already started when I got there.

You can't blame yourself.


This package requires special treatment.

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These aren't just any 3-D glasses.

I can't do this for much longer.

Urdu and Punjabi are her native languages, but she speaks several others very well, including Tamil, Pashto, and Cantonese.

She washes the car.

I feel stuffy.

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That should be no problem.

All right, what's done is done.

I'm sitting alone in my house.

Where did you find your key?

The athlete says that during the race, he felt as if time had almost slowed down.


Get on the bus in turn.


There is no treasure more precious than a child.

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Cathrin is at most 13 years old.


Rudolf had to agree.

Do you have plans for dinner?

Theodore is preparing to leave.

His brother is all thumbs, but he is a skillful surgeon.

He likes to eat raw carrots.

Do you like looking at yourself in the mirror?

I have a little money with me.

Leave our house.

Yesterday my sister went to Kobe.

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Let's talk about what Guillermo did.

Rahul thinks Malus has a bad influence on John.

I was in a bad mood.

Kevin is the one you should be worried about.

We stayed at my aunt's during the vacation.


Many animals that lived thousands of years ago are now extinct.

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I said we'd find him.

However, 2007, this holiday moved to May 4th, while April 29th became the memorial day of Showa called "Showa no Hi.

Thanks to his initiative this association has been formed.


Who else knows the answer?

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He sent me an affectionate letter.

Mark never told me he had a horse.

Jeffrey is nervous, too.

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I think we don't really need to be doing this.

Carlos is dying to see you.

Don't bother to pick me up at the hotel.


We don't have time to do that now.


At these events they sell few products.

Everett's parents are older than mine.

On seeing this, I can't help thinking: Can the residents of Beijing keep up with such a pace?

I'd like to visit Boston before I die.

I'm amazed at Svante's rapid progress in French.


What are your plans after this?

Roberta crossed his fingers and made a wish.

It is the behavior of the control group that is important in this connection.

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My idea is better.

He never saw him again.

It's amazing, just like that.

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Have you seen Chris around?

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The burglar broke into the post office in broad daylight.

She's unconscious.

Serdar was knighted by Queen Klaus.

I said I was sad.

I personally like Kent.

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What is it you guys are doing?


Jem is at the door.

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Would 8:30 be convenient for you?

Their influence becomes greater every day, but they are uncreative and can't make value judgements.

What you said convinced Max.

I refuse to let you marry that man!

Who's your favorite super hero?

I love Occitan.

I've asked him three times to take out the trash and he still hasn't done it!

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She's writing her diary.

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I'll take those.

Judy is clearly in trouble.

He thinks that you need to sleep more.

They should wash their feces.

Alastair is sincere, isn't he?

Those who often break their promises are never trusted.

It was nice of them to help.

Something's really weird here.

He returned to the army camp.

Ms. Sato is the president's new secretary.

He and I will come together.

Are you busy right now?

I think you've misunderstood.

I'd like to go back to Boston.

Grr! Avoid not, unwelcome evil and cowardly beast!

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Where did you meet Marika?

Evan didn't know what had happened to make his leg swell up so much.

Where can I hire a car?

I like to go to school.

He brags about owning an expensive car.

This room is capable of holding fifty persons.

I hate this uniform.

Andries, I owe you an apology.

I learned how to cook from Miek.

Have you received the cheque?

That's what's crazy.

Why don't you just sit down here?

So why didn't you tell the truth before?


It may be advantageous to me to proceed in this way.


That water is a little salty.

I didn't write this letter.

He's in the well.

You can use this book as you see fit.

How do you know that he's already dead?

Drop the knife!

I love Fist of the North Star!


We don't know where Danny went.

Are you coming back tonight?

My blood type is A positive.

We're clean.

It is so easy to be solemn; it is so hard to be frivolous.


Sally's French has gotten better.

He got them to reject it.

The bank promised us that our money would be safe.

It happened to us the same way.

Why have you been so angry with me for the last week?


She became an actress the following year.